Aeronautix BasicMed 6-Place STC Now FREE! - Here's Why

On June  1, 2018, Aeronautix was issued FAA AML-STC SA01875WI which provides a 6-place occupancy restriction for certain Piper PA-32 and PA-34 aircraft for the purpose of BasicMed compliance.  Yesterday, we learned that AOPA has also obtained an FAA STC to accomplish the same thing for Piper PA-32 series aircraft and are offering it for free to their members and for $99 to the rest of the flying public.  In light of this announcement, we feel it is only fair that we reimburse those who previously purchased our STC.  In addition, we will provide the STC for free to anyone else whether AOPA member or not.

In the end, we are just happy that those affected by FAA BasicMed restrictions have options to keep them flying!

For those that have already purchased our STC, please navigate to our Contact page and provides us the name and address you want the re-imbursement check issued to.  For the rest of you interested in obtaining our free STC, navigate to our Contact page and provide us with the following information:

  • Aircraft Owner Name
  • Aircraft Owner Address
  • Aircraft Registration Number
  • Aircraft Serial Number

This will allow us to issue you the letter of authorization and other paperwork required by the FAA to utilize the STC. 

Applicable Piper aircraft models include:

  • PA-32-260: Cherokee Six 260
  • PA-32-300: Cherokee Six 300
  • PA-32S-300: Cherokee Six Seaplane
  • PA-32R-300: Lance
  • PA-32RT-300: Lance II
  • PA-32RT-300T: Turbo Lance II
  • PA-32R-301 (SP): Saratoga SP
  • PA-32R-301 (HP): Saratoga II HP
  • PA-32R-301T: Turbo Saratoga SP
  • PA-32-301: Saratoga
  • PA-32-301T: Turbo Saratoga
  • PA-34-200: Seneca
  • PA-34-200T: Seneca II
  • PA-34-220T: Seneca III

Happy flying!

Piper PA 32R 301