FAA Flight Testing - BC400 Alternator System

FAA Flight Test PA 12

Aeronautix, in support of B&C Specialty Products of Newton Kansas, who is expanding their BC400 alternator STC approval list, has successfully completed FAA flight testing. The BC400 alternator system was installed on a beautifully restored 1947 Piper PA-12 and tested to a variety of electrical and powerplant-related criteria. Testing specifically addressed electromagnetic interference (EMI) and powerplant/alternator cooling. Cooling performance was tested to verify the additional electrical...

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Lycoming IO-540-K1G5 Engine Installation

IO 540 Install

When engine parts and service get hard to come by, engine and parts upgrades become inevitable! This, along with an added peace of mind with regard to safety, is exactly what led to the development of an engine replacement STC for the Piper Lance, Lance II, and Saratoga SP model aircraft. These aircraft were certificated and sold with a Lycoming IO-540-K1G5D (IO-540-K1A5D on some Lance II models). For those unfamiliar with Lycoming engines, the D designation in the part number sometimes represen...

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FAA Flight Testing - Propeller Upgrade STC

If you want to keep old birds in the air, and keep maintenance costs down, then you've got to evolve with the times and technology! And that's exactly what Bemidji Aviation Services of Bemidji Minnesota is doing with their Hartzell Propeller upgrade STC. As the Hartzell product line has evolved, the support for the older model propellers such as the one certificated on the Queen Air have become excessively expensive to replace and maintain. To remedy this excessive cost, Bemidji Aviation looked ...

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B&C Alternator AML Expansion

alternator 1

Aeronautix is pleased to have been contracted as the certification agent for B&C Specialty Products of Newton Kansas on their BC400-2 Alternator AML STC expansion. B&C Specialty Products has a great reputation for supplying reliable, lightweight, and rugged electrical system components to the aviation industry and Aeronautix will help them expand their current BC400-2 alternator STC to incorporate 31 additional aircraft models. The BC400-2 is an STC/PMA 40 amp alternator system that is c...

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