Aeronautix, in support of B&C Specialty Products of Newton Kansas, who is expanding their BC400 alternator STC approval list, has successfully completed FAA flight testing. The BC400 alternator system was installed on a beautifully restored 1947 Piper PA-12 and tested to a variety of electrical and powerplant-related criteria. Testing specifically addressed electromagnetic interference (EMI) and powerplant/alternator cooling. Cooling performance was tested to verify the additional electrical power capacity, and extraction did not cause the powerplant or the alternator to exceed their operating limitations during a long Vy cooling climb. The test data showed that at maximum power extraction from the BC400 (40 amps) neither the alternator nor the Lycoming O-235-C1 engine exceeded any limitations and were in fact comfortably below all defined limits. This test was a success and speaks to the quality and design of the B&C product line.

Our team was very impressed with the ease of installation and the quality of the kit and components supplied by B&C Specialty Products. If you're looking to upgrade your electrical system or system components, specifically on the Piper PA-11 through PA-22, give B&C a call and see what they can offer you. Aeronautix is certainly looking forward to future certification projects with the B&C team as they continue to bring their products into the Part 23 world.

FAA Flight Test PA 12