FAA Flight Testing - Propeller Upgrade STC

If you want to keep old birds in the air, and keep maintenance costs down, then you've got to evolve with the times and technology! And that's exactly what Bemidji Aviation Services of Bemidji Minnesota is doing with their Hartzell Propeller upgrade STC. As the Hartzell product line has evolved, the support for the older model propellers such as the one certificated on the Queen Air have become excessively expensive to replace and maintain. To remedy this excessive cost, Bemidji Aviation looked to Aeronautix to help them obtain an STC for a new Hartzell Propeller that not only cut their cost in half but it also upgraded their deice systems from alcohol to electrothermal.

In support of this propeller upgrade STC Aeronautix has recently completed FAA flight testing. The flight testing was performed as a comparative analysis between the performance of the baseline and modified aircraft. Back to back flight profiles were flown and recorded using a data acquisition system (DAS) and the detailed information was later reduced and analyzed. Check out our YouTube channel to see some of the flight testing including stalls, single engine climbs, and normal climb regimes.



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