FAA Certification and Engineering Capabilities

Aeronautix specializes in the design, fabrication, installation, test, and FAA certification of aeronautical products, in a wide variety of commercial and military markets. Aeronautix is also an FAA PMA holder, providing the capability to produce airworthy parts for type certificated aircraft.

Aeronautix prides itself in precision and attention to detail, necessary to execute an efficient certification process while winning the trust of our customers. The combination of engineering and aircraft certification capabilities provide the ability to execute an entire aircraft program in-house, leading to a streamlined program and FAA approval route. Our capabilities include:

Over these core areas, Aeronautix is skilled in the coordination, production, and execution of certification plans, analyses, compliance reports, substantiation reports, test plans, test reports, and detailed design, assembly, and installation drawing packages required for FAA approval of any STC or PMA application. Aeronautix supports every aspect of its certification programs including onsite conformities as well as onsite witness testing to ensure the job is done and done right.

Aeronautix assists in development of the design, analysis, and prototyping of various aircraft components and systems. We utilize 2D and 3D CAD/CAM packages to optimize design, and rapid prototyping technologies to ensure the designs meet their intended purpose. In addition, Aeronautix employs modern FEA, CFD and classical techniques for structural, thermal, and flow analyses.

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FAA ODA Services

Aeronautix is an FAA ODA holder (ODA-834865-CE) fully authorized to issue FAA supplemental type certificates (STCs) approving a wide range of alterations on 14 CFR part 23 and 25 aircraft. 

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Design Engineering Services

Aeronautix utilizes state of the art 3D solid modeling tools and 2D drafting packages to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions designed to meet a vast range of aircraft performance, systems and structural capability requirements. 

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Analytical Engineering Services

Aeronautix provides complete support throughout the design cycle from preliminary design to manufacturing and installation support. Aeronautix utilizes classical and finite element modeling techniques to provide accurate predictive and substantiating data.  

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Test Engineering Services

Aeronautix offers lab test, aircraft ground test and flight test support including test plan development, test conduct / FAA test witness personnel, data acquisition, data post-processing, test report development, FAA conformity inspections and all necessary FAA data approvals. 

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Standard FAA Certification

Aeronautix has a full team of FAA STC project managers, FAA DERs and FAA DARs capable of supporting any aspect of a standard FAA (non-ODA) certification project.

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Parts Manufacturer Approval

Aeronautix has manufacturing capability and holds an FAA approved quality system (FAA PMA PQ04372CE) that provides the design and production approvals required for replacement or modification articles likely to be installed on FAA type certificated aircraft. 

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