Piper Lycoming IO-540-K1G5 Engine Upgrade STC

Piper Lycoming IO-540-K1G5 Engine Upgrade STC Drawing

The Piper Lycoming IO-540-K1G5 engine upgrade STC removes and replaces the OEM installed Lycoming IO-540-K1G5D that was certified on the Piper Lance, Lance II, and Saratoga SP model aircraft. This engine upgrade eliminates the concerns and maintenance issues associated with the single coupling "Dual Magneto" that was used on the IO-540-K1G5D engines. The IO-540-K1G5 is certified with two independent magnetos and eliminates the single point failure.


  • Lycoming IO-540-K1G5
  • Piper Saratoga SP
  • Piper Lance
  • Piper Lance II


  • No performance change


  • No additional limitations

STC Includes:

  • STC Document
  • Modification Instructions
  • Airplane Flight Manual Supplement (AFMS)
  • Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA)

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