Aviation Industry and Client Testimonials

“We have been involved with Scott West and Aeronautix for many years and have completed numerous projects. We have been very pleased with our relationship with Aeronautix and Scott. Scott is very professional and has completed our projects in a timely manner. We plan to use him in the future on our projects. We would gladly recommend Aeronautix and Scott West to anyone.”

-Eugene Shanks
President, Gulf Coast AG Aircraft

“Scott was the most knowledgeable and driven engineer on the Flight Test Systems Engineering team that I was leading to support testing on the Italian International Tanker program. He was able to convert vague requirements, from Systems Engineering, into Detailed Test Procedures that could be flawlessly executed by our Flight Test / Flight Operations team mates.

In addition, he then compiled the results of Quick Look Reports, Pilot Logs, notes, etc. into formal Test Reports that were used to verify that test requirements had been satisfied. Scott is a proven leader who is largely responsible for getting my team across the finish line in achieving the Tender for Acceptance on the Italian International Tanker program.”

-Dean A. Hunter
Boeing Sr. Manager, Flight Test Systems Engineering

“I have worked with and for Scott in various roles over the past 12 years. As colleagues, we worked together within the powerplant design group on the T-6A program at Hawker Beechcraft. While with the FAA, Scott oversaw and guided commercial aircraft projects, always there to support and answer questions we had. And within his certification management business, I’ve had the privilege to support and work for him in some of his many certification efforts.

Scott is greatly respected by his peer group and his business customers. He is a hard working, consistent, and honest manager, and is highly capable in organizing and leading a certification program toward successful completion. I have tremendous respect for his leadership, and his ongoing desire to learn, develop, and grow his business and talents. I strongly recommend him for any certification project and/or management position that can best utilize what he has to offer.”

-Scot Kruse
Aircraft Design/FAA DER, Bombardier Learjet

“Aeronautix exceeded all of my expectations and always conducted themselves as polished professionals. Their work was outstanding, complete, and very thorough. I am a very happy Aeronautix customer.”

-Jim Ledet
President & CEO, Tactical Solutions Inc.

“Scott West is one of a kind in the Aircraft Certification business. He never tells you what you want to hear, but when he tells you he is going to complete a program, the resources it will require and the time it will take, you can absolutely rely on his word to do exactly that. He is one of the most thorough DERs I have encountered in almost 20 years in this business, and when he completes a program it is a forgone conclusion that the FAA will approve every step. I believe the best endorsement for Scott comes from the fact that any ACO that he has worked with will tell you that when Scott West presents a certification program, they always count on it being complete and accurate, and approval is virtually assured.

Scott is supported by an excellent organization in Aeronautix with resources both within the company and available on contract that are as good as or better than any in the business.”

-Jim Moorman
COO, Trace Engines, LP

“B&C Specialty Products choose Aeronautix to help us with a major STC project due to their depth of experience and excellent reputation. We could not have been more impressed with the quality of their work and resulting FAA approvals. I highly recommend them.”

-Nathan Bainbridge
President, B&C Specialty Products